Getting lost in Den Bommel

Spring is the Netherlands is BEAUTIFUL! This is when you can see the beautiful tulips and other flowers in bloom. Since its The Netherlands, tulips is what you need to see here. There are so many types and colours. Its absolutely breathtaking to see the colourful fields.


My best friend lives in Rotterdam and sometimes I fly over to spend time with her. This time, I brought my mother here to see the tulips at Keukenhof, which is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. My mother loves tulips and had always wanted to see them in a natural setting. So, I brought her here to make one of her dreams come true. Now, my best friend went a step further and drove us to Den Bommel to see more tulip fields. This is just a taste and to get mom excited to see the tulips in the fields first before we bring her to Keukenhof the next day to see them beautifully arranged.

Tulips were first cultivated by the Turks and were originally a wild flower growing in Central Asia. It was introduced to the Netherlands in the 17th century. It became a booming industry and as they say, the rest is history.

We left early and drove to Den Bommel. Our goal was to see the tulip fields but we got more than we bargained for. Sometimes when you get lost, you just might make some great discoveries. We set the GPS for Den Bommel and drove there. The sight of the tulip fields just takes my breath away as soon as I saw them. There are no words to describe the view. I just couldn’t wait for my friend to park the car and go over to see them in front of me.


There were tulips as far as the eye can see. I can only imagine how hard the farmers work to plant so many of them this way. So please be careful with them and just take a look and try not to destroy them and the hard work the farmers did. 


There are a lot of tulip fields here. We tried to drop by to get a photo of every tulip colour we could find. As we drive, when we see a field of tulips in a colour we haven’t seen up close, we’ll follow any road towards that direction hoping to get there. Sometimes we got lost and find other things along the way.

We found a lot of things we didn’t expect. We found a windmill! Its another icon of the Netherlands. There is a signboard with the description of the windmill and there is a small map below the description that states other windmills in the area. 

We found an apple and pear farm too. There wasn’t any fruits since its not in season. We were driving along this beautiful road surrounded by trees and saw the sign to this place.


We also discovered a small beach with a small field beside it that is full of dog poo. We had to watch our steps. I guess I don’t need to say what we had to do with our shoes before we got back in the car. 

There was another place we saw with some sheep gazing. We stopped to take a photo and they came over as soon as they saw us. They were really friendly and oh so cute.


There was a lake full of swans and we stopped for awhile to take a look. I think the sound our shoes made stepping on the gravel scared them and they flew away. Sorry, swans.


We also found an old airplane crash site. There were cows and their calves gazing on the field. The calves were so cute and energetic. They were running and jumping all over. One of them fell into a ditch. My friend and I quickly prepared ourselves to get dirty to help it out but it managed to climb back out by itself.

And of course we found more tulip fields! There were white ones, purple ones, pink ones and my favorite, the red one with a bit of yellow and white at the edges of the petals that made it look so vibrant.








The last field we found was filled with red tulips in full bloom. The sweet smell of the flowers hits us just as we opened the car door. Tulip fields are muddy too. Even walking alongside it will leave your shoes in a mess and eventually your car too. So, be warned.

They are beautiful, aren’t they? Its amazing what you can find when you get lost. Den Bommel is a really nice area to get lost in. I think its best during tulip season since you can see the fields of colours. We drove around until its almost dark. Then, we set the GPS for our drive back. My mother loves this place and so do I!

Have you seen tulip fields or a field filled with flowers? Its just amazing, isn’t it?

Up next, yes, Keukenhof! The reason I came here in spring time. Come back to read about it.



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