Peaceful Nami Island

Day 6:

Namiseom Island or better known as Nami Island is one of the top tourist spots here. It is also the filming site of the hugely popular Korean drama called “Winter Sonata” which started the Korean wave. When I told some people that I am going to Korea, some of them recommended me to go to the “Winter Sonata place”. They only recognize it as that…. hahahaha…

Nami Island was founded in 1965. It is a half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon. It was named after General Nami who died after being falsely accused of treason. Namiseom declared independence as Naminara Republic on 1st March 2006 as The Naminara republic. They have their own flag, passport, diplomatic and cultural policies and currency. You can still use the Korean won here though.


There are many things you can find and do here. There are art exhibits, performance halls, theme gardens and a lot more. You can rent a bicycle and cycle around the whole island or just take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a nice place for a date, I must say.

There are many ways to get to Nami Island. I took the ITX train and then I took the Gapyeong City Tour shuttle bus. Since the nearest subway station to my apartment is at Jungno 3(sam) ga station, I took Line 1 to Cheongnyangni Station where I then transferred to the ITX-Cheongchun to Gapyeong Station. Once you exit the station, you can see the tourist information centre and the city tour shuttle bus stop is right in front of the it.

The Gapyeong City shuttle bus costs 6000 Won for a whole day. It is a hop on hop off kind of bus. You can get on and off for the whole day. Get on the bus and pay the driver who will give you the ticket. Keep it with you as you will need it to show the driver everytime you get on the bus. The bus stops at different locations and there are four attractions you can go to on this bus. There are two routes, both going the same places, just different directions. You can get the pamphlet with the bus timings and where it stops from the tourist information centre.

We got down for the stop to Nami Island and walked over to the ferry pier. We took the ferry to get to Nami Island that costs 8000 Won for foreign tourists.


Another way to the island is by zip wire. Not wanting to be separated, I had to take the ferry too to the island. The next time I’m here, I would definitely zipline my way there.


Nami Island is very crowded. There are lots of tourists, most of which are here because they saw how beautiful it is from the drama (me included).

Upon reaching the island, I just had to take a photo among the trees.


There is a mart and a small campfire place to warm ourselves. We walked around the area a bit before walking towards the other side of the island.












I even saw the merlion with my country’s flag. The merlion is a symbol of Singapore. That is a surprise.


The welcome boards are interesting. There are hellos, how are yous and thank yous in different languages.



We followed the sign to look for food! We stopped for lunch here at Asian Family Restaurant which serves halal food. The food here is delicious! I had the Korean beef stew. Yum yum!



After lunch, it was more relaxing strolling around the island. A day like this is what holidays are about. A break from the fast pace and hectic city life and just enjoying nature and taking it easy.


Some behind the scene photos from the famous drama shot here.


I love this. A resting area with books.




I really like walking here. Its peaceful and beautiful. I love walking and taking in the scenery and just relax. To me, I think this is one place that should not be missed.


Namiseom Island (남이섬 종합휴양지)

Address: 1, Namisum-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 춘천시 남산면 남이섬길 1


Nearest Subway Station: Gapyeong Station

How to get there:

  • Take note of which station you are from and consider the nearest transfer station (Yongsan Station or Cheongyangni Station) to transfer to the ITX-Cheongchun line.
  • From Yongsan Station or Cheongyangni Station, take the ITX-Cheongchun to Gapyeong Station.
  • Take the Gapyeong City Tour bus and get down at the Namiseon Island stop. Get on the ferry or zipline to the Island.
  • For other means of transportation, if you prefer to take the bus or you are driving there, take a look here.

Entry Fees:

For entry by ferry: –

  • 10,000 Won for Regular
  • 8,000 Won for Foreigners
  • 4,000 Won for Special – Visitors after 6pm (December to March) & Visitors after 7pm (April to November)
  • Free for children 36 months and under.

Ferry Schedule: –

  • 7.30am to 9.30am – Every 30 minutes after the first ferry from Gapyeong Wharf.
  • 9.00am to 6.00pm – Every 10 to 20 Minutes.
  • 6.00pm to 9.40pm – Every 30 minutes until the last ferry departure from Nami Wharf.

For entry by zipwire: –

  • 38,000 Won which is inclusive of entrance fee to Nami Island and return ferry ride.

Operating Hours for zipwire: –

  • 9.00a to 7.00pm (April to October)
  • 9.00am to 6.00pm (November to March)
  • It may cease operation without prior notice if there is bad weather.

For other information, such as rental of bicycle, baby stroller or the electric tour bus on the island, take a look at the website.

We left Nami Island and went to our next location, Petite France. Come back to read about it next.




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