Nighttime at Cheonjiyeon Falls

There are three famous waterfalls in the west area of Jeju. The Jeongbang Falls, Cheonjeyeon Falls and the Cheonjiyeon Falls. I had planned to visit Cheonjeyeon Falls which is nearby to Daepo Jusangjeollie Cliffs but I checked the time and its seems that we won’t be able to make it there in time. It would be closed for entry by the time we arrive. So, I decided to go to Cheonjiyeon Falls instead since it closes late.

I tend to include a few places to visit in a day and on the day itself I’ll make adjustments to my plans according to the situation. We spent quite a lot of time in most of the places to fully enjoy them rather than rushing through and ticking places off the list, hence it was too late to visit Cheonjeyeon Falls. So, see you next time, Cheonjeyeon Falls. Off we go to Cheonjiyeon. This is two different places and the name is similar, so don’t get confused, ok.

It got dark by the time we reached Cheonjiyeon Falls. There is a twisting road down to the carpark, so be careful, follow the speed limit and drive slow, ok.



There are surprising quite a lot of people here than I expected at this time of the night.


The paths are lighted and surrounded with trees. It makes for a nice and peaceful stroll.




The waterfall is at the end of the park and it is illuminated at night. Just follow the signs and you will reach it.


There are some restaurants that can be found here. As for us, we decided to take a break at Paris Baguette.


The cups are just too cute!

We decided to call it a day and drive back to our apartment in Jeju City.


Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연폭포)

Address: Namseongjung-ro, Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주 서귀포시 천지동 남성중로 (천지동)

No. to input in GPS: 760 6304

Operating Hours: Sunrise to 10.00pm (Last admission at 9.30pm)

Admission Fees:

  • 2,000 Won for Adults
  • 1,000 Won for children

Parking Fee: Free

We went to catch the sunrise the next day. Come back to read about it in the next blog, ya.


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