Magical Jeju Glass Castle

We decided to visit the Jeju Glass Castle because it is near the O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum. Just turn right as you exit the carpark and a few minutes drive away, you can reach it on your right. There is a huge carpark here and its free too.


To the right of the entrance from the car park is where you can get your tickets to the Glass Castle.


Here, you can find sculptures and exhibits made of glass. I just love the glass fish door handles. Walking here makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale. Once you enter, there is a huge shiny beanstalk from Jack and the beanstalk at the center of the room. It is so sparkly and beautiful! I like bling. On the left, there is a glass workshop. You can see someone making glass artwork. You can also make one too. There are classes to make your own glass artwork if you have the time and want to fork out the money for it. I’m sure it will be an amazing experience.


Oh no! The beanstalk is crooked! Don’t worry, its my hand that is crooked, not the beanstalk.

Walk through another doorway behind the beanstalk and from there, the magical journey begins.



There are arrows on the floor to guide you through the museum. Just follow the white arrow and it will lead you through all the things the glass museum had to offer.


This is a mirror and glass maze which is fun to walk through. Be careful not to knock yourself into a mirror or glass.

From the maze, we walk through the glass tunnel with glass beads all around. This is part of the glass garden.


Yes, you can find the world’s largest glass diamond here. Wah!

From here, we entered this building showcasing glass artworks by the global masters from the crystal shiny Glass Harubang (grandfather) statue, the constellations in the galaxy and European style stained glass.


I can only imagine how difficult and time consuming it is to make the detailed glass statues and figurines.

We walked through this stone and “ice” looking glass path and reached the Cinderella photo zone of the Fantastic Glass Art Voyage section. I want one of those shoes!


There are also unique glass washrooms.

Go through here to get lost in the Magical Forest. This place looked mysterious. It is a winding forested path. It is actually bigger than what I expected because we took quite a while to get back out. There were many unique glass items I saw, from dinosaurs to flowers to bugs to snowmen.

Once we got out of the magical forest, we walked on the glass bridge and went to get a drink at the café in the glass dome.



We saw this statues and the three bowls with love, health and success written below and some coins inside. I guess some people must have toss coins into them wishing to have either love, health or success. Where would you throw your coin in if you can choose only one? Me, I would choose health. I guess with health, you can work hard for success and if you treat people right, I’m sure you will be loved.



I like how looking at this at different angles provides a different effect.



One of the many workshops they have here.

On the second floor of the main building at the end of the walking tour, you can find the Glass Artwork Exhibition Shop. You can find key chains, fine accessories, glassware and glassworks from Italy, the Czech Republic, Japan and Korea and also glass souvenirs produced here. There are some workshops where you can try your hand at making some glass items like lampworking and glass painting. To do so, register at the shop counter here.


I didn’t expect to spend so much time here as I thought I would and it was bigger than I expected. I didn’t know there are so many things that can be made of glass. If you are looking for a place to go to in Jeju other than the usual sights, this is a place to go.


Jeju Glass Castle (제주유리의성)

Address: 462, Nokchabunjae-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 제주시 한경면 녹차분재로 462

No. to input in GPS: 772 7777

Operating Hours: 9.00am to 7.00pm (Last admission at 6.00pm)

Admission Fees: –

  • 9,000 Won for ages 19 to 64
  • 8,000 Won for ages 13 to 18
  • 7,000 Won for ages 5 to 12
  • 8,000 Won for those over 65 and handicapped
  • 7,000 Won for those handicapped ages 13 to 18
  • 6,000 Won for those handicapped ages 5 to 12


Next stop, The Chocolate Museum. Read about it in the next post.




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