Touchdown in lncheon Airport

Day 1:

My flight was in the afternoon. This is my first time flying with Scoot Airlines. It’s not so bad, I must say. There was a layover in Taipei for this flight and we had to leave the plane and go through another scan again before finding the gate to get back on the plane. It’s a first time for me to have to leave the plane during a layover. I didn’t have to when I was on my India trip. I guess its different for every airport. Make sure you take all your things with you. Also, make sure you check that you are at the correct gate. I almost went to the wrong one bound for Hong Kong! This was because they announce the gate number and I just listened to it and didn’t see the signboard that it had changed. The announcement didn’t mention that! The voice announcement and the sign did not tally. So, keep your eyes open too! Luckily my relative saw the signboard.

We reached Seoul Incheon Airport at night around 9.30pm. We have an early morning flight to Jeju the next morning at 6.25am at Gimpo Airport, which is their domestic airport. I had to wait for my friend’s sister to arrive from a different flight which will reach around 11pm. So, I decided to stay overnight at the airport.


Went outside the airport to take a look and find out how cold it was.

Initially, I planned to stay overnight at Gimpo Airport but this is not permissible. Gimpo Airport closes at night and you are not allowed to stay overnight there. We reached there around 4.30am by taxi since the trains and buses does not run at this time. You can find a taxi stand just outside the airport. There was no one there yet and the security guard let us have a seat inside since its cold outside. Thankfully. People started coming in around 5am.

It is quite comfortable to stay at Incheon airport. There are long benches for you to rest. There are televisions too; near some of the benches to keep you occupied. There are also some restaurants and fast food outlets that are open in case you get hungry.


My friend rented a portable wifi at the airport. The booth is open 24 hours. There are a few companies you can rent it from. We rented from KT Mobile. It costs 8800 Won per day but with the coupon, it only costs us 5500 Won per day. They charged it per day and if you were to rent it at night, you will have to pay for the whole day cost too. So, we rented it after midnight to save the cost of paying for one whole day. You just have to turn right once you exit arrivals and walk all the way straight and you will see the booths on the right. Check out to see if the discount coupon is still available here and also check out other discount coupons here too.


Portable Wifi (or Wifi “Egg” as they call it here.

Once I reached the airport in another country, it is always exciting and a bit scary sometimes. This is when it all suddenly seems like this trip is real!

How do you feel when you reach somewhere new?


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