Refreshing O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum

Day 2:

First thing we did once we reached Jeju International Airport is to get a map. There are many brochures about the attractions that you can find here too. There are many things to see and do here. Then, its to the car rental booth to register and onto the free shuttle bus to pick up the rental car. I rented the car from KT Kumho and had made a booking a few weeks in advance. Make sure you have your license and international driving permit before you book online. Check-in to the apartment we rented is at 4pm, so we drove around and visit some attractions first.

Our first stop is the O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum. I’m a fan of tea. I can’t drink coffee since I get headaches or worse come to worse, I faint from it. Yes, weird and I don’t know why it happens. I just had to come here to see a real tea plantation and try out their tea.

Once I turn into the carpark, there was a man who pointed out which area I’m supposed to park in. Parking is free! I parked facing the green tea plantation. Yay! Safe! I was really nervous to drive here since driving is on the different side from Singapore. I’ve seen green tea plantations on TV but this is something else.


Entrance to the green tea museum.




We walked over to the entrance and straightaway went to the café since we needed some refreshments. It is a cozy café with great views all around. The green tea swiss roll is famous here. I got myself one with green tea ice-cream. Yes, ice-cream in the morning. I just had to. I had my first taste of green tea ice-cream in Japan and got addicted. So, I just had to try the one here. It was delicious. Similar to the one in Japan, its not too sweet but it leaves a more bitter taste of green tea lingering at the end. If you love green tea like I do, this is a must eat! The swiss roll is quite plain with only a slight green tea taste. My relative had the tangerine honey tea (can’t remember the actual name but it sounds something like that) and that is delicious too. I “helped” her finish half of it.


Connected to the café is the gift shop where you can pick up a thing or two to bring home with you.

From the shop, you can walk over to the museum where you can learn more about Korea’s traditional tea culture. There are displays about the tea history, how it came to Korea, how they made tea and lots more.


My favorite part is the Tea Cup Gallery.

There are tea cup displays from all over the world and some are really really old. Its a beautiful collection. I know my mother would go nuts if she sees them.


Walk outside and you can find the Innisfree Jeju house here too! Innisfree is the first natural brand from Korea. They sell products like natural soaps, masks, make-up and lots more. The interior is beautiful. There are some things here that you can’t find in other Innisfree shops elsewhere. Once you go in, there is the merchandise area and a café on your right.


On the left are some tables where you can make your own natural soap. All you have to do is buy the eco bag that contain the materials needed, choose a table and start making. There is an tablet in front of you where the instructions are given to make the soap step by step. My companions are not so keen to make them, so I just bought the set to make it at home. Don’t forget to ask them for the instructions on how to make them. There is also a postcard stamping area at the corner for you to stamp to your heart’s content and make a special postcard to send to your family and friends back home.


We then went outside to walk around the plantation after a little bit of shopping at the Innisfree house gift shop.

The air is really refreshing and cool and its so relaxing here. There is a beautiful park that you can stroll along in.


As we were leaving and walking over to the carpark, I saw these cups across the road! I just had to cross the road to take a close up photo.0129

More green tea plants and some lone donkey statues. Its so cute!


I really like this place. Next time I come here, I think I will put in more time so that I can make the soaps. It would have been a relaxing activity. It is also a nice place to rest and take a break.


O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum (오설록티뮤지엄)

Address: 15, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 신화역사로 15

No. to input in GPS: 794 5312

Operating Hours : 9am to 6pm (Last admission at 5.30pm)

Admission Fee: Free                 Parking Fee: Free

Next stop, The Jeju Glass Castle. Read about it in the next post, ya.


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