Hello from Me to You!

Hello! My first post! Yay! Here’s a little more about me and this blog.

Every day is a learning journey and I hope to improve myself. Just like everyone else, I have my own hopes and dreams. I realized to stop making excuses and just go for it. I decided to change. Change is a difficult and scary thing but it does reward you. You could end up experiencing the best times of your life or you could get a lesson for life that will make you stronger.

I started chasing my dreams. I did things I never thought I could. I went to places I never imagined I could. All of it inspired and changed me, be it the good or the bad experiences. I found out things about myself that I never knew. I found out more about the world out there. I learn to appreciate the things I have and I learn never to take things for granted.

Here you’ll find my journey. Yes, you could say I’m a late bloomer but hey, better late than never!

I’ve always wanted to travel but too afraid of so many things. But I fought those fears and started and now I realized it’s not that scary. You could say the travel bug bit me. Now I’m always thinking of where to go next. I can’t be like some lucky people who can just quit their job to travel the world. There are some of us who can only do it occasionally. I read a lot of blogs that inspire me to travel somewhere and I got some tips from them too. I hope I can do the same.

I learn cooking from my mom. The way she cook is what we call “masak campak-campak” (literally meaning “cook throw-throw” in Malay), which actually means she’ll just throw in any ingredients she have or she thinks will make a nice combo. It’s amazing and sometimes frustrating because I can’t seem to get the recipe right since the ingredients differs all the time or she actually forgot what she threw in the pot (…sigh… there goes ever eating the same delicious dish)! I hope I got it right in my recipes here.

Do try new experiences with food and travel and other things too. Live your life fully and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true. Put in the effort and I’m sure life will reward you. You might fall sometimes but hey, you can always get up and fight again. Keep fighting!!!

Are you a late bloomer too? Have you fought any fears you have? Have you made a dream come true?

Thanks for reading and come back soon.


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